As smart grid technologies advance, the ability to collect real-time operational data and act on it is becoming more attractive. For power grid utility companies, the benefit of monitoring expensive assets can help them reduce operating costs while reducing power outages. If more equipment on the grid can be instrumented, additional gains can be had through big data analysis and artificial intelligence control of the grid itself.

The current limitations for power utilities to date has been the availability of high performance, low-cost measurement instrumentation for key grid equipment such as transformers, switchgear and transmission lines. For this equipment, better monitoring and control through instrumentation is critical for improving the overall efficiency, safety and cost of operating the grid.

Fibos is utilizing the patented optical measurement platform with unique sensors designed to install within minutes onto existing equipment already in operation. The solution will target substations, allowing multiple pieces of equipment to be monitored using the same sensor type.

Once instrumented, the platform will collect temperature, current, voltage and other data to evaluate each components health within the substation. This information will be used to ensure the reliability of the specific substation. With multiple substations within the utility being monitored, actionable data can be provided with how to route power that will best optimize efficiency through the reduction of transmission losses. Fibos is actively looking for test sites and partners to deploy these measurements. Please reach out if there is interest in further discussions.

Temperature Sensor Miniature Non-Conductive Series (TSMN-S & -H)

The Fibos TSMN models are miniature non-conductive sensors that protect the optical fiber with a non-conductive sheath material, such as PEEK plastic or a ceramic. Fibos optical temperature sensors meet PiMS™ (Pi-FBG Measurement Standard).

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Pressure Transducer Low Range Series (PTL)

Optical pressure transducers provide high-quality measurements in harsh environments not suitable for electrical equivalents. The Fibos PTL models are low pressure range (up to 1,000 psi) transducers capable of achieving ±0.25% FSO measurement uncertainty.

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Accelerometer Industrial Series (ACI)

Tthe ACI accelerometer is intended for industrial applications that require high measurement frequency range. Mounting options include magnetic base, A-mount, and threaded fittings. Leverage the benefits of optical measurements to collect better quality data in applications requiring electromagnetic immunity, long transmission distance, high-voltage isolation, and/or intrinsic safety.

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Interested in trying the optical measurement platform in your application? Fibos will work with you to provide a demo, including a signal conditioner and one of our standard transducers to familiarize yourself with the technology. Please get in touch with our team and we can discuss your application in detail.


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