Temperature Sensor Miniature Non-Conductive Series (TSMN-S & -H)

Leverage the benefits of optical measurements to collect better quality data in applications requiring electromagnetic immunity, long transmission distance, high-voltage isolation, and/or intrinsic safety. Typical applications include:

  • Automotive research and development
    • Battery pack temperature measurements
    • Electric motor internal temperatures
  • High voltage temperature measurements
    • Power transformer health monitoring
    • Power generators
    • Battery storage facilities
  • Gas turbine engine temperature rake

TSMN-S fact sheet (PDF, 200 KB) 中文版即将推出
TSMN-H fact sheet (PDF, 200 KB) 中文版

Model Part Number Table

Optical temperature sensors provide high-quality measurements in harsh environments not suitable for electrical equivalents. The Fibos TSMN models are miniature non-conductive sensors that protect the optical fiber with a non-conductive sheath material, such as PEEK plastic or a ceramic. Standard geometries are shown in the configuration table. Material substitutions, custom tip dimensions, and alternative cable lengths can be provided upon request. Fibos optical temperature sensors meet PiMS™ (Pi-FBG Measurement Standard). To achieve the performance specifications presented, a signal conditioner that utilizes the PiMS™ technique is required.

±0.5°C Uncertainty
Electrical Isolation
Intrinsically Safe
EMI & Radiation Immune