Pressure Transducer Low Range Series (PTL)

Ideal for industrial applications, the PTL pressure transducer can be conveniently inserted into a threaded or compression fitting for mounting in a liquid or gaseous medium. Leverage the benefits of optical measurements to collect better quality data in applications requiring electromagnetic immunity, long transmission distance, high-voltage isolation, and/or intrinsic safety.

Typical applications include:

  • Oil pressure in wet transformers
  • Petrochemical facilities (i.e. refineries)
  • Hydraulic reactors
  • Food and beverage production

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Model Part Number Table

Optical pressure transducers provide high-quality measurements in harsh environments not suitable for electrical equivalents. The Fibos PTL models are low pressure range (up to 1,000 psi) transducers capable of achieving ±0.25% FSO measurement uncertainty. Temperature compensation is performed by means of an optical temperature sensor within the transducer. Standard geometries are shown in the configuration table. Material substitutions, custom dimensions, and alternative cable lengths can be provided upon request.

Fibos optical pressure transducers meet PiMS™ (Pi-FBG Measurement Standard). To achieve the performance specifications presented, a signal conditioner that utilizes the PiMS™ technique is required.

±0.25% FSO Uncertainty
Electrical Isolation
EMI & Radiation Immune
Intrinsically Safe