Strain Gauge Series (SG)

Ideal for measurements in confined spaces, a key feature of an optical strain gauge is that it can be used in high voltage and high electromagnetic areas with long transmission distances without signal integrity issues.

Typical applications include:

  • Structural health monitoring
    • Bridge, tunnel, and other infrastructure monitoring
  • Automotive research and development
    • High voltage location strain measurements (i.e. battery packs, bus bars)
    • Electric motor vibration measurements (i.e. bearing vibration)
  • Power equipment monitoring

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Model Part Number Table

Optical strain gauges offer an alternative method to collect high-quality strain measurements within harsh environments that are not suitable for resistive strain gauges. The Fibos SG models provide a mounting base for the optical fiber to ease the assembly process in field. Metallic or non-metallic base materials can be selected depending on the target operating environment. Standard geometries are available, as shown in the configuration table. Material substitutions, mounting dimensions, and alternative cable lengths can be provided upon request.

Fibos optical strain gauges meet PiMS™ (Pi-FBG Measurement Standard). To achieve the performance specifications presented, a signal conditioner that utilizes the PiMS™ technique is required.

±0.25% FSO Uncertainty
Electrical Isolation
EMI & Radiation Immune
Intrinsically Safe