Signal Conditioners

Fibos developed the OGA-01 signal conditioner in 2017 and was used as a technology demonstrator and for early customer sales. This was a signal channel unit that contained our first generation of the laser module design. As a company, it was decided that we would develop a second generation of laser modules that could be integrated into data acquisition companies products. Our belief is that optical measurements compliment traditional electrical measurements and that it should be easy to expand any measurement system to include both measurement types. Fibos has since partnered with two such companies, Dewesoft and Gantner Instruments, to develop products that are based off of our laser module design. For more details, please see the Krypton 8xFBG or Q.series F108 page.

Please find additional details about our laser module here.

If you are interested in integrating the Fibos measurement technology into your hardware, reach out to the Fibos team to discuss further.


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