Pressure Transducer Ultra-High Temperature Series (UHT-PT)

Ideal for power generation and aviation gas turbine engines in research and development and commercial applications. Within a single sensor, static and dynamic measurements can be collected to evaluate combustion dynamics. Active cooling can be used to locate the sensor in hotter applications. Collect better quality data to improve performance and optimize designs. Typical applications include:

  • Gas turbine engine combustion dynamics
  • Large diesel engine combustion measurements
  • Processing monitoring

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Optical pressure sensors offer an alternative method to collect high-quality pressure measurements within harsh environments that are not suitable for electrical equivalents. The Fibos UHT-PT series can collect dynamic and static pressure measurements with a ±0.25% FSO measurement uncertainty if environmental temperature is static. The UHT-PT body temperature can operate up to 400°C, with inlet gas temperatures at the diaphragm reaching up to 1,000°C. Temperature compensation is performed by means of a thermocouple or a second optical sensor within the transducer. Mounting method, material substitutions, custom dimensions, and alternative cable lengths can be provided upon request.

Fibos optical pressure transducers meet PiMS™ (Pi-FBG Measurement Standard). To achieve the performance specifications presented, a signal conditioner that utilizes the PiMS™ technique is required.

±0.25% FSO Uncertainty
Ultra-High Temperature
EMI & Radiation Immune
Intrinsically Safe