The OGA-01 was the first commercially available signal conditioner that utilized the Fibos measurement technique, PiMSTM (π-FBG Measurement Standard). The OGA-01 was primarily a technology demonstrator, intended to prove the capabilities of the measurement technique. Although units are still in use commercially and in the Fibos offices, the OGA-01 is no longer commercially available as Fibos has now released our second-generation design integrated into the Gantner Instruments Q.series F108 and Dewesoft Krypton 8xFBG.

Product Specifications

Featuring both static and dynamic measurement capabilities, the OGA-01 provides high accuracy measurements from a single fiber optical gauge sensor that meets the PiMSTM specifications. Provided with the OGA-01 is a web-based configuration tool that can be used to setup output parameters to match the optical sensor being used. For a demonstration of the configuration utility, please contact us for more details.

Parameter Value
Number of Channels 1
Measurement Uncertainty ±5pm
Measurement Range ±1500µε
Frequency Response DC to 40kSps
Analog Output Range 0 – 5V
Digital Output RS485
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C

For more details, please download the OGA datasheet.