Company Overview

Fibos was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2016 based on research conducted at Ryerson University in Toronto by our founders, Nicholas Burgwin and Michael Bakaic. Since founding, the team has had strong connections with various research universities and institutes, such as the National Research Council of Canada, to help build the companies technology and IP portfolio. Our original vision of developing low cost, high performance optical sensors has remained the same since day one. Optical measurements cannot, and should not, replace all traditional electrical measurements, but there are applications that optical sensors can provide better data quality. It is our goal to provide this actionable data at a price point that is competitive against traditional electrical sensing technologies such as thermocouples, foil strain gauges and piezoelectric elements. Now with a team of engineers, technical and operational staff, we manufacture Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) and optical sensor products including temperature, strain, pressure, vibration, tilt and displacement in addition to other custom sensors. Working with external partners like Gantner and Dewesoft, we are working towards providing our customers the entire measurement chain utilizing optical measurement techniques.

Company Mission

At Fibos, our mission is to create the industry standard for single point optical measurements, connecting our customers to previously inaccessible measurements and data.

In the current market, it is challenging for customers to select an optical sensor and signal conditioner that can conveniently integrate into existing or new measurement applications because there is no existing standard for optical measurements. To address this need, Fibos is working with industry partners to set the optical standard that instrumentation users are familiar with, like thermocouples, RTDs, foil strain gauges and piezoelectric devices, allowing customers to get data they couldn’t get before in harsh environments.