Fibos can produce FBG’s using either a UV phase mask inscription or a femtosecond phase mask inscription technique. The type of manufacturing process will dictate the operating environment the FBG can operate within and the Fibos team will provide the appropriate recommendation for your specific application.

FBG Sensor Type

For the Fibos measurement technique, a π-phase FBG is required and has a characteristic dip seen in the spectrum when viewing the FBG in reflection, as seen in Figure 1. Fibos can produce this FBG type utilizing either processing technique as mentioned above.

In addition, Fibos offers our transducers for use with other optical interrogators that require a traditional FBG spectrum, as seen in Figure 2. Fibos can produce these FBGs at a variety of different nominal wavelengths between 1520nm to 1580nm with varying reflectivity and full-width half maximum (FHWM).

Figure 1 - pi-phase FBG Figure 1 — pi-phase FBG
Figure 2 - traditional FBG spectrum Figure 2 — traditional FBG spectrum
To learn more or discuss your application, please reach out to the Fibos team.


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