Displacement Sensor Series (DS)

Ideal for measurements on large structures, such as bridges, buildings, and wind turbines. The Displacement Sensor can be used in high voltage and high electromagnetic areas with long transmission distances without signal integrity issues.

Typical applications include:

  • Structural health monitoring
    • Bridge, tunnel, and other infrastructure monitoring
  • Oil and gas containment tank monitoring

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Model Part Number Table

Optical displacement sensors offer a method of collecting small variations in length within a single axis of a structure. The Fibos Displacement Sensor utilizes two FBG sensors for effective temperature compensation and is available in daisy chain or point measurement configuration. If using in series with other FBG sensors, a conventional FBG spectrum can be provided and the desired wavelengths for each FBG can be set. If using a PiMS™ (Pi-FBG Measurement Standard) signal conditioner, please select the PiMS™ FBG configuration. Mounting dimensions and alternative cable lengths can be provided upon request.

The performance specifications presented used a signal conditioner that utilizes the PiMS™ technique. Performance with other interrogators is not guaranteed as the interrogator’s measurement performance will impact the overall measurement performance.

±0.25% FSO Uncertainty
Electrical Isolation
EMI & Radiation Immune
Transmission Distance